This police constable helps 30 needy people every month with his salary – Inspirational Story


It is said that no one is poor by helping others. We should help others as much as we can. The easier it is to say this, the more difficult it is to do so. But today we will tell you the story of a police constable who has made the motive of his life to helping the needy people. The name of this police constable is Krishnamurthy.

Let’s know the story of the police constable Krishnamurti 



Krishnamurthy Parvatipuram is a head constable in a city police station. Krishna hails from Kottugumda village. He not only helps his village but also the people of nearby villages. Krishna gives food and clothes to the needy every month and also distributes blankets to the elderly during the winter season. Krishna got inspiration from his family For the last 3 years, Krishna searches 30 poor every month and then spends Rs 10,000 every month from his salary to help them. Krishna said in an interview that he used to see his parents and grandparents in the village helping the poor, he was inspired by them. 10,000 rupees help every month




Krishna told that after joining the police he started helping people. He selects 30 poor people every month and gives them clothes and other essentials. He does this work on the 5th or 6th of every month. Krishna has distributed 60 blankets in the last two months. Krishna says that his salary is Rs 45,000, out of which he has only Rs 10,000 to help people.




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