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The couple is teaching 30 village children for just 10 rupees


This is a story of a couple of residents of North Bengal who are distributing education materials free of cost to the children and the laborers of the tea garden.

These children not only get the education materials but also get a chance to study for a month for just Rs. 10. The couple is providing education to about 30 village children.

The couple Anibarn and Poulami

Husband Anibarn Nandi and wife Poulami Chaki Nandi, both of whom are engaged in teaching children from 30 villages in the tea garden area in Darjeeling. Both husband and wife are very educated. Anibarn studied at IIT Kharagpur and is a researcher in social science and economics.

Mobile library

Couple 4 1


This couple is engaged in making tea garden workers better by making them aware of the importance of education. During the lock-down, the couple distributed them books, pens, pencils. They both have their mobile library and are teaching children through this.
They give children information about subjects like Science, English, Economics, Computer, Political Science and Geography.

Where did the idea for this work come from

According to a report, it was reported that when Anibarn was small, he lived in an area where there was no means of education. To study, one had to cross the river which did not have a bridge. They also did not get tuition for studies. That is why they decided that the children of the tea estate will not suffer the pain I have suffered. That is why they have started this work.

1-month tuition for 10 rupees

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They have made every effort to teach these children. They felt that if they would be encouraged a little, then they will move forward. At first, they thought of teaching these children for free, but then they both realized that if we give the children a class for free, then they will not take it seriously. And If taught with money so they will feel that if we are giving money, then our money should not go waste. So they started teaching these children with 10 rupees. They said that there are about 30 villages in the tribal areas of this village where there are 16 hundred persons. This work has been done to promote the education of girls. At first, there was no means to teach girls, so they started this work. It is a matter of pleasure for them that these girls are teaching and these girls are also understanding the importance of education.

The most special thing is that there is a student Ranima who comes to study with her newborn baby. Her child is 5 months old, her ardor for education is noticed when she studies with her child. All the children there are happy that during this lockdown, they did not have any network nor smartphone, due to which their studies were stopped, but they are very happy that both of them taught them.


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