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Ms. Uma, Zomato delivery woman, The real Karamveer


Mistaken are those who say women can’t do what men can. Ms. Uma, a Zomato delivery woman, has already set an example for all Indian ladies who think some specific jobs suit only men. Honored to share the story of the real-life hero!

What had happened to her

Ms. Uma lost her husband ten years back and was left alone with a child. She had no one to earn at home.


What she chooses to be

She didn’t choose to cry over her hardships, instead, she chooses to fight with the circumstances bravely.


What is so special about her

This single mother working with Zomato has a Perfect Service Record with Zero Cancellations and has been awarded a Diamond star for excellence because she has no cancellations, no delayed deliveries.


Her Daily Routine at home

Image 2
Uma Devi with her son.

She only sleeps for 5 hours,  Up at 5, travels 15 Kms to take her son to cricket coaching camp on her bike – because there’s no public transport  – and then has to travels back, then cooks and washes clothes, and then starts on her delivery work.


Her daily routine at work

Lady Zomato at work.

Uma reports at Noon, and delivers food till 11 PM, handling about 18- 25 deliveries every day. She travels nearly 250 – 300 Kms a day to deliver food on her motorcycle.


What we should learn from her

She is the actual Karamveer and a real role model for all of us. We should learn that life is not about giving up & cry over the things that happened to us. instead, we should fight courageously to turn things around in our favor.




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