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1) Life is short. So, don’t miss happiness. Live it. Create more fun.
2) Failure shows your courage to try. So, don’t get panic. Learn from it, push your limits and work on new plans.
3) Friendship needs time, care, love, and trust. So, respect this beautiful bond and do care about your second family (Friends)because they will be always with you in your ups and downs.
4)  Discover a curiosity in you to learn if you want to chase anything in this world.
5) Age is a number. Don’t allow this number to hold you back of doing great things. Just be the person you are inside. And always remember great things can be accomplished at any age. So, start working from today.
6) Anger is the cause of problems. Avoid it.
7) Words you speak have power. Once they are out, you can’t take them back. Use them to heal rather than harm.