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Inspirational Story of a 75-Year-Old ‘Tree Teacher’ who planted 30,000 Trees


Honoured to share the story of an extraordinary man  Mr. Antaryami Sahoo from Odisha, a 75-Year-Old man known as ‘Tree Teacher’ after planting 30,000 Trees whose goal is to protect the environment and wildlife by planting thousands of trees in public areas, alongside creating awareness through handmade posters.

Antaryami Sahoo was only  11 years old when he planted his first plant..it was a banyan sapling on his school premises, as an individual effort out of his love for trees and the environment.

Since then, every year, he has planted many trees in public spaces around his village. His love for trees heightened with age, and later when he joined as a teacher in Siletpada UP school, he started motivating students there to follow the same.

During his tenure as a teacher, Antaryami planted thousands of trees in school backyards, public spaces around villages, and the roadside. he also spread awareness about wildlife preservation among the village residents. His tremendous work over the years has earned him the name Gachha sir, which means ‘tree’ in Odiya.

Antaryami travels on a bicycle carrying plants and equipment.

Antaryami is now 75 years old but works with the same spirit and passion. He always tried to plant saplings such as sal, teak, banyan, mango, Indian beal, fig, and other native species. He continues to plant trees even today and has planted over 30,000 trees now, which have been detailed area-wise.
But as Antaryami worked more for the cause, he realised that increasing greenery alone would not solve the state of the environment. Planting trees can only solve the environmental crisis. But protecting biodiversity and wildlife is equally important.

awareness 2 e1626673097999
Antaryami with forest department officials and villagers for awareness.

With no means like social media to create awareness among people, he started making handmade posters with drawings of animals and trees to emphasise the significance of saving them.
He made posters of around 40 local species such as honey bees, owls, deer, ladybugs, and birds. Further, he explained that  No life can exist without honey bees. Also, people hold parrots captive for trade, so he ran a campaign ‘Not To Be Caged’. he was so determined and thoughtful about his mission, he planted trees such as date, palm, and others that serve as a safe habitat for birds and insects.

Now recently he joined Facebook and shared his posters and receive appreciation too. His posters are being liked on Facebook. He is learning to be more active on this platform.


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Inspiring Story of 11-Year-Old Tribal Girl who Conducts Online Class for Small Children


We all have power

Power is the ability to do good things for others”. This way everyone is powerful as somehow we all have that ability to do some good for others and to serve the humanity.

Story of Deepika Minz

Today sharing the story of such powerful 11 years old schoolgirl Deepika Minz from Jharkhand who started holding free classes for children on the streets at the time of  COVID-19 when all schools were shut down.

Why she started

deepika 2
Image/Social media

Dipika willingly decided to use her spare time to teach them as she was worried to see the children not being able to go to school due to Covid19 when govt had to shut all educational institutions, which affected the study of children across the state.

Where she started

It’s been two months since when Deepika Minj, a Grade seven schoolgirl, has been holding classes in Chandapara village in Khunti district in Jharkhand.

How she started

Initially, just a few children started coming her home to take classes which later turned into 80, so it became difficult to accommodate all the children there so shifted to a vacant classroom of a closed govt school.

Support from Gram Sabha

After seeing Her devotion, the local Gram Sabha, a part of the Panchayati Raj system for village development, has also managed a blackboard and mat for the children so they could sit and study.

Other facilities by a non-profit organization 

 A non-profit organisation has not only allowed its library rooms to be used for study during the rainy season. But also they arranged an inverter so that the children could study even after the power cut.

What we should learn from her

We should learn from this little girl that we can always do good things for the people around us. We always attain our good by doing good to others. Our small efforts can bring meaning to someone’s life. We should always be ready to help less fortunate people around us. We can find the real essence of life by helping others.


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Inspiring story of a couple helping Animals – Peepal Farm


” The greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

                                                                                                    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

We should be kind to every kind, not just mankind But only a few who dare to make the different choices. Today we are sharing the story of Mr. Robin Singh who quit his business and came back from the US Choosing the path of service – helping those who can’t help themselves.

Mr.Robin Singh and his wife Shivani had always a passion to feed stray animals and helping them since childhood but had left for the US in 2003.

 While in the United States, Mr.Singh realised, No matter how carefully we live, we can’t stop doing harm to the environment and animals. With this thought, he even almost stopped consuming many things to make the least sufferings to the surrounding.

Image/Social Media

This thought encouraged Mr.Robin to leave his business in the United States and he came back to India to devote himself to this cause. At first,  He started a sterilization programme in Delhi and after that, he decided to move more closer to nature to Dhanotu Village in Dharamsala. This is how they started Peepal Farm in Dhanotu village, nearby Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, India with co-founders Shivani and Joellen in December 2014 where they started working for the improvement of life conditions of the stray animals, injured abandoned cows and dogs, and raising public awareness about animal cruelty. So they decided to do it in a way that involves and inspires others too. In the year 2015, after the completion of primary construction, the farm got open to people to volunteer and work in exchange for accommodation and vegan meals.

Image/ Social Media

At present, this non-profit farm extended nearly one-and-a-half acres with an animal clinic, cowshed, and kennels. Apart from the three founders, the farm now has a staff of eight, including a veterinary doctor.

 Till now,  Peepal Farm has rescued and rehabilitated around 300 dogs, cows, donkeys, mules, and horses. The farm produces all the organic products where they don’t Consume any animal product, including milk, in the farm.

It is the only place where large animals can recover in the large area, therefore the local admin refers such cases to Peepal Farm since 2017. Volunteers also organizing art projects to spread awareness to the public for kindness towards animals.

Image/Social Media

Peepal farm has been created with endurable items, such as mud, fetched wood, and stones. They work 24/7 throughout the year. They also run the ‘Desi Dog, Desi Log’ campaign where they try to adopt local dogs instead of foreign breed dogs.

Peepal farm also running an incredible Volunteer program where the interested candidates can look after the injured animals and also help around the farm. Peepal Farm also welcomes people offering to help with veterinary services, farming services, and gardening, etc. There is no charge for vets and farmers or people who can help spread the word. 


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Palam Kalyanasundaram

Unbelievable, Such people still exist [Real inspiring story]


The true story of a man who sacrifices his whole lifetime earnings for a change. The true inspiring person honoured with the title “Outstanding People of the 20th century” by UNO in acknowledgment of his benevolent social work and has also been adjudged as “Man of the millennium” By an American Organisation who gave him 30 crores which he too donated to the needy, the person we are talking about is Shri Palam Kalyanasundaram.

          ” Helping Hands are those
Who are curious to help others
They not Help for fame
They Help for change”

He has given a new definition to word “Charity” by donating his whole salary every month in his entire 35 years of service. He has served the needy because he see the divine in the poor and served selflessly just for a change and to alleviate the sufferings of the people  by giving a hope  to live more.
Shri Palam Kalyanasundaram worked as a librarian for more than 30 years and donated his whole salary to the needy just to make their life better and a hope to live more. To meet his own bread and butter he would do a part time job as a server in a hotel. And when he got retired he donated his entire pension amount of Rs. 10 lacs or 1 million rupees to the poor and needy.

The Best Librarian in India, Palam Kalyanasundaram

img src

In spite  of the fact that, Kalyanasundaram is moderately unknown in his own nation, India, he has been pronounced as one of the “Outstanding people of the twentieth century” by the United Nations organisation (UNO). He was likewise regarded as ‘Man of the Millennium‘ by an American association for which they awarded him Rs 30 crores, which is identical to 5 million USD. This cash too he offered away to the poor and needy, selflessly. The Union Government has acclaimed him as `The Best Librarian in India’ and he has also been chosen as one of the top ten librarians of the world’. The International Biographical Center, Cambridge, has honoured him as `one of the noblest of the world’. And inspired by his selflessly work Indian Tamil movie superstar Shri Rajinikanth and his wife Latha Rajinikanth adopted him as father. The superstar Rajnikanth requsted him to stay with him in his lavish house but he denied. he wants to live a simple life among the poor people and helping them.

Shri Palam Kalyanasundaram, rajnikanth


 The story of Shri Palam Kalyanasundaram

Paalam was born in a village in  Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu which is in the south of India. After his school, he pursued a degree in Bachelor of Arts. His Life took a turn during the Indo-China war in 1962. After listening to a speech of Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, he donated his gold chain to the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. The CM was exceptionally inspired by this signal and congratulated him at a function later in 1963.
As a bachelor Paalam worked selflessly around children for 45 years .  And after his retirement all the money he got as his benefit  was put in the formation of an organisation, to serve the poor as his duty called Paalam. As Paalam means bridge and  he set up this bridge for the welfare of poor and the needy. This organisation helps the children in education and medical help is provided to the poor and sick. This organisation also arranges blood donation camps and even also help during natural calamities.
Shri Palam Kalyanasundaram gives all credit to his mother for teaching him “the art of sharing and helping others” in his childhood.
The 3 basic rules she taught him were:

  1. Never be greedy.
  2. Give away one tenth of anything you receive.
  3. And do at least one good deed every day.

And these basic rules  he followed in his life as a principles.

 Final view

Really he is a man who serve the nation not for fame but for change. I salute this great personality for working selflessly for the poor and the needy and establishing a bridge to live a life for the betterment of others. If you are willing to help him in his noble cause than you can help him by joining or contributing to organisation Palam, you can find more information about him on internet and there are many videos  on YouTube about him you can find sufficient information there. In the verdict

                                   “The great man are born for change not for fame”

Inspiring Quotes

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Couple 3 1

The couple is teaching 30 village children for just 10 rupees


This is a story of a couple of residents of North Bengal who are distributing education materials free of cost to the children and the laborers of the tea garden.

These children not only get the education materials but also get a chance to study for a month for just Rs. 10. The couple is providing education to about 30 village children.

The couple Anibarn and Poulami

Husband Anibarn Nandi and wife Poulami Chaki Nandi, both of whom are engaged in teaching children from 30 villages in the tea garden area in Darjeeling. Both husband and wife are very educated. Anibarn studied at IIT Kharagpur and is a researcher in social science and economics.

Mobile library

Couple 4 1


This couple is engaged in making tea garden workers better by making them aware of the importance of education. During the lock-down, the couple distributed them books, pens, pencils. They both have their mobile library and are teaching children through this.
They give children information about subjects like Science, English, Economics, Computer, Political Science and Geography.

Where did the idea for this work come from

According to a report, it was reported that when Anibarn was small, he lived in an area where there was no means of education. To study, one had to cross the river which did not have a bridge. They also did not get tuition for studies. That is why they decided that the children of the tea estate will not suffer the pain I have suffered. That is why they have started this work.

1-month tuition for 10 rupees

Couple 2


They have made every effort to teach these children. They felt that if they would be encouraged a little, then they will move forward. At first, they thought of teaching these children for free, but then they both realized that if we give the children a class for free, then they will not take it seriously. And If taught with money so they will feel that if we are giving money, then our money should not go waste. So they started teaching these children with 10 rupees. They said that there are about 30 villages in the tribal areas of this village where there are 16 hundred persons. This work has been done to promote the education of girls. At first, there was no means to teach girls, so they started this work. It is a matter of pleasure for them that these girls are teaching and these girls are also understanding the importance of education.

The most special thing is that there is a student Ranima who comes to study with her newborn baby. Her child is 5 months old, her ardor for education is noticed when she studies with her child. All the children there are happy that during this lockdown, they did not have any network nor smartphone, due to which their studies were stopped, but they are very happy that both of them taught them.

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Inspirational Story of Sarita Kashyap sells Rajma Chawal, she feeds food to the people even if they have no money.


This is a story of a lady of a resident of Delhi who is selling Rajma Chawal on a Scotty for the last 20 years and also feeding to the people who have no money.

While giving free food to the children she also provides free tuitions to them in her free time. She also used to distribute school dresses, books, and shoes to the poor children free of cost whenever required.

About Sarita Kashyap

Sarita 1

According to the information received, Sarita Kashyap used to work earlier in an automobile company. But from the last few years, she left her job, being single mother Sarita sets a stall of Rajma Chawal on Scotty.

She is also having a daughter who studies in college.

Where did the idea for this work came from

Sarita kashyap

Sarita tells that to start this work, one day she put Rajma- Rice cooker on Scotty and reached to sell Piragadhi. In the beginning, she thought that if someone buys or not, but later she thought of at least to give a try if she will succeed in her idea then that is okay, otherwise, she will come back home. But on the very first day, Sarita got a very good result. People ate by choice, gave money, and got it packed. Her work started from there. She stalls under a tree near the Metro station in Piragarhi selling Rajma-rice.

Then Sarita noticed that many people are forced to stay hungry due to a lack of money. She decided to feed such people for free.

A Tweet by IAS Avanish

IAS Avanish shared a picture saying, “Yeh Hai Paschim Vihar Delhi’s Sarita, sells ‘Rajma Rice’ on her Scotty for the last 20 years. Even if no one has money, she does not let anyone go hungry. She also teaches children in their free time. “

The lesson to Learn from her Story

Sarita provides food to those who do not have money. Sarita says, “Eat, give money when you have it.” Along with teaching poor children, she also feeds Rajma-rice.

She says, “money is not everything, the pleasure of feeding hungry people is not in any other work.” And this is true that the happiness and peace experienced in feeding a hungry person will hardly be in any other work, that is what humanity and the people like Sarita Kashyap are the reason humanity is still alive.

A big salute to Sarita Kashyap for her selfless work, …. God bless her and her daughter….!!

You can see the work done by Sarita Kashyap in the video given.

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This police constable helps 30 needy people every month with his salary – Inspirational Story


It is said that no one is poor by helping others. We should help others as much as we can. The easier it is to say this, the more difficult it is to do so. But today we will tell you the story of a police constable who has made the motive of his life to helping the needy people. The name of this police constable is Krishnamurthy.

Let’s know the story of the police constable Krishnamurti 



Krishnamurthy Parvatipuram is a head constable in a city police station. Krishna hails from Kottugumda village. He not only helps his village but also the people of nearby villages. Krishna gives food and clothes to the needy every month and also distributes blankets to the elderly during the winter season. Krishna got inspiration from his family For the last 3 years, Krishna searches 30 poor every month and then spends Rs 10,000 every month from his salary to help them. Krishna said in an interview that he used to see his parents and grandparents in the village helping the poor, he was inspired by them. 10,000 rupees help every month




Krishna told that after joining the police he started helping people. He selects 30 poor people every month and gives them clothes and other essentials. He does this work on the 5th or 6th of every month. Krishna has distributed 60 blankets in the last two months. Krishna says that his salary is Rs 45,000, out of which he has only Rs 10,000 to help people.


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