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10 Tips To Beat Insomnia & Enjoy Life


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Tips to beat insomnia and enjoy life


10 Tips To Beat Insomnia & Enjoy Life

  1. Set a time and Go to bed on time daily. 

  2. Make sure your bedroom is in a peaceful place.

  3. Make sure the bed is comfortable.

  4. Before going to bed do moderate exercise daily to keep yourself away from stress and tension like swimming, walk. Avoid heavy exercise like gym and running when you are too close to bedtime as it may disturb your sleep.

  5. Keep yourself away from all worries while going to bed.

  6. Avoid Coffee, tea, drinks which contain caffeine.

  7. Do not smoke as nicotine is harmful to your body as well as your mental health, and it directly affects your sleep. 

  8. Avoid Alcohol as initially, it may help you to fall asleep but later it will cause problems.

  9. Go for a warm bath, quiet music, or yoga to relax your body as well as mind.

  10. Avoid sleeping pills, as it totally affects your body as well as mental health.



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